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This is such a smart way to keep people at your website for longer, consuming more of your content. Send out a post-event email campaign that thanks your virtual and in-person attendees to keep your company top of mind. Include event highlights and provide links to blogs related to the event to bring more traffic to your site. Sometimes your audience can’t attend every session, especially if some overlap or if they have other commitments. On-demand content gives both virtual and in-person attendees a chance to check out every session. It also helps you reach audience members in different time zones who weren’t able to see all the panelists they wished to.

You always run the risk that a user either doesn’t ever return to your website or doesn’t see your content on social media. Instead, you can reach out to them directly and encourage them to come back to your website. No matter what industry you are in, or if you are a B2C or B2B business, these strategies can work for you and your brand.

Without engagement or audience participation, there’s little to bring in demand. And the ultimate aim of hosting events is to move participants down your funnel — either nurturing them into fully-brand-aware leads or paying customers. In each of these cases, engagement starts by understanding and measuring what’s happening on your site or in your app. Nearly half of event professionals claim engagement is the biggest contributor to their success and their greatest challenge. If you want to improve audience engagement at your virtual events and increase your ROI, let’s talk.

Send a short survey withpost-event evaluation questionsto find out. Ask attendees which parts of the event were the most engaging, and what they’d like to see next time. After the event is over, you can run a survey asking questions like “Was this session helpful? ” These are good questions to ask to improve events in the future and engage with attendees, showing them you care about their feedback. A comprehensive social media report proves the value of your social marketing plan.

  • This means that social media engagement can help you grow your social accounts and reach more people.
  • Consumers want to interact with and buy from a business they can trust.
  • A gentle reminder can encourage your speaker to engage virtually as well as with your live attendees.

One of the best ways to increase audience engagement audience engagement is to insert yourself into places where your audience already is engaging. We’ll mention social media a few times in this article (it’s incredibly important, there’s no denying that), but all other instances involve actual content on social. Audience engagement has become a really important aspect of digital marketing. Especially with the rise of social media, it is no longer enough to put out a message and see what happens.

Ready to make Certain work for your events?

This machine-learning equipment is something that can be used for the benefit of many organizations that need help with audience engagement. It’s quite the luxury if you have users who love your brand so much that they’re creating brand-related content on their feeds. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this content, whilst also influencing further engagement with your audience.

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Making your video content interactive has been shown to dramatically boost engagement, viewing time, and conversions. SISU, a real estate and mortgage sales dashboard, decided to use Outgrow interactive content as a means to increase conversion. They made this calculator that gives clients a quote depending upon how big or small their team is. Using Outgrow simplified their onboarding process and made it more appealing. In fact, these measures increased their lead generation by 200%. These issues can be magnified in a virtual event, where the audience is already physically removed from the speaker.

What you share on your website and social media platforms is who you are. Find your brand voice and use it consistently across all platforms. So far, you’ve gained an understanding of the engagement you’re getting and from whom. Now it’s time to think about your goals for improving audience engagement. You could also use the different social media platforms and their reach to help categorize your audience. After all, the demographics of Facebook are vastly different from TikTok.

ways to increase audience engagement during your webinars and virtual events

Find a social media marketing voice that embodies your brand and stick to it while interacting with your audience online. The majority of users prefer funny content, so you might consider using humor as a tactic to improve your shares, comments, or likes. Whether it’s acknowledging mistakes or sharing your company values, honesty can go a long way in building trust with your audience and keeping them interested in your brand online. Social media engagement is an important metric to consider when building an online store. While most want to increase the size of their audience, they often fail to increase their social media engagement as well. When you engage with your followers on social media you can turn them from fans into customers.

Provide value wrapped up in a good story and visually appealing slides

By having a group, you can allow your customers to communicate with each other. This will allow them to get to know other people in their niche. You should also be active in your own community and strengthen your relationships with others.

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