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Effluent Treatment Plant

VEPL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Effluent treatment plants which are used by different industries to reduce the potential for pollution and to comply with discharge consent conditions.

Our engineers can also custom design effluent treatment plants based on the specific requirements of the clients, first of all, the toxic components have to be removed from the wastewater flow. Physicochemical wastewater treatment is a frequently used technique in the area of wastewater treatment.
We have a huge range for effluent treatment these are 

ETP for Vehicle Washing (water recycling plant) Rice Mill, Small Food Industries, Dry-Clean Industries Textile Industries, Food industries, Oil Water, Laundry, Print Industry, Seeds Rinsing, Automobile, Oils and Grease Removal, Complex Organic Chemicals Industry, Acids and Alkalis, Dying Industry, Electroplating Plant, Hospital, Paper Industry, Pulp and Paper Industry, Fabric Factory, Construction Site & Various Industries,

Benefits of an ETP Plant:

  • To protect the environment from pollution
  • To save & reuse water.
  • Recycling of water
  • To help the increase of ground water level.
  •  Reduces the usage of fresh water in industries
  • Treatment of wastewater through an effluent treatment plant
  • The ETP plant saves money and time.
  •  It restores our wastewater and treats that water, which is helpful for us.
  •  ETP eliminates the need to transport clean water.
  • ETP also helps in the recycling of waste that is harmful to the earth.


VEPL Provides Two type of Technology of Effluent Treatment Plants

⦁ Physio-chemical
⦁ Biological with Physio-chemical

Benefits of an ETP Plant:

The physicochemical wastewater treatment techniques are used as pre-treatment, final treatment as well as specific treatment for wastewater reuse as process water. VEPL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of The Physicochemical Effluent treatment plants for. These effluent treatment plants are used by different industries to reduce the potential for pollution and to comply with discharge consent conditions.

Separation by floatation, filtration or under gravitational influence is usually very useful for removing larger and visible contaminating particles.

 However, for colloidal particles which can easily filter through and have similar electrostatic surface charges which impedes their coagulation, physio chemical treatment methods are more effective. Physio chemical treatment involves using chemicals which can modify physical state of colloidal particles which helps in making them more stable and coagulation for further treatment or filtration purposes. These treatment methods have been used for over a century in conjunction with biological treatment methods.

This method is applied in various Industries as Vehicle wash, Electroplating, Powder Coating, Zinc Plating, Plastic granule, Textile, Paper, Dying, Printing, Laundry, Acids & Alkalis etc….

PICTURE OF Physio-chemical ETP

Biological with Physio-chemical

VEPL is offering Biological with Physio-chemical (ETP Cum STP for Food Industry). The effluents produced by the food and beverage, Hospital & few industries (where Bod to be very high) are different from the municipal wastewater. These are biodegradable and non-toxic wastes that are high in concentrations of BOD and Suspended Solids. Major source of these effluents are hotels & hospitals. Our range of effluent treatment plants is manufactured by using the highest grade of raw materials and branded components.

Processing of food from raw materials requires large volumes of high grade water. Vegetable washing generates waters with high loads of particulate matter and some dissolved organic matter. It may also contain surfactants.
Backed by the vast industry experience and sound technological expertise, we are manufacturing of Biological with Physio-chemical Effluent Treatment Plants.

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