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Oil Skimmer

The use of skimmers in industrial applications is often required to remove oils, grease and fats prior to further treatment for environmental discharge compliance. Oil skimming is the most reliable and lowest cost method of removing food greases and oils from process wastewater. An oil skimmer uses the difference in specific gravity between oil and water, allowing the oil skimmer belt to attract frying oils, vegetable oils, greases, and animal fats as the belt passes through the surface of the water. The simple belt-and-motor approach is proven to operate unattended and reliably for decades with little maintenance. We are offering Belt type Oil Skimmer. VEPL offered Oil skimmer which is a simple mechanism to remove or separate oil & grease from waste-water. It is highly recommended for automobiles, food & beverages and industrial oily waste-water.

Belt oil skimmers are one of the most reliable and economical equipment for removing liquid surface floating oil with low electric consumption without the need for any consumable. They can effective remove all kinds of floating oil (including machine oil, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil, plant oil and other liquids with specific gravity less than water. This is a versatile skimmer design; it can remove floating oil no matter what the thickness of the oil layer is.

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